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A Sweetheart Locket (Relicario)

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Reasons to gift a locket. 

Keep your memory close to my heart, protect your memory, hold your gaze from my neck, find you in my chest, and feel my companionship and devotion. I always wanted to take you with me and talk with you despite the distance and time. Touch your light under challenging times, discover that you are in me in various shapes and colours, see that you speak to me in silence and hear me in my eyes.

No obstacles, oceans, continents, or a dozen hours or years can separate us. Neither are you in this visible plane nor live in the invisible. Here, in this reliquary, I can find you and venerate you. As small as it is, it is more immense than this planet because here, in these few millimetres, we can embrace each other and be a present universe without a past and a future.

You are my senses; I am your words. You remain here, in this little heart of life, in this story that we write together and that is protected between the fragile and the firm. This light and safe texture made by the hands of artisans connected with a story that, like ours, is still alive, narrated, and still whispered in voices or hummed in songs. We are reliquaries; we are eternity that only allows us to be immortal in the memory that we will be one day... Take me there, in that eternity!

Personalised Locket with Photo

Personalised Locket with Photo - Heart Locket with Picture Inside - Gold Plated - You can put any of your favourite photos into the customized photo locket. Personalised photo locket necklace is the most loved new trend as it allows you to memorialise your favourite photo into a piece of jewellery you can wear daily. Personalise your necklace with a photo of your fondest memory. It's a perfect gift full of sentimentality. Recipient: Mom, Girlfriend, Wife, Daughter. Gift Type: Locket Necklace. Occasions: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Special dates, etc.

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